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Anyone buy a Volt full price without any incentives?

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Just wondering if anyone bought a Volt that did not live in an area that had incentives/rebates? I live in Alberta, Canada and was thinking about buying one but without any of these incentives they are a bit expensive and heard that the depreciation is a killer.
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Same Edmonton Alberta Canada and so far got 60,000 km on the car 2014 fully loaded 46395 KM have been on electric which worst case in my area the cost comparison is about half good days it's more like 1/4 of the cost of running on gas 2700$ in fuel savings ish we average 12-16 cents kwh cost for power with delivery charges. and Obviously you save more in the winter so i am sure it's more but the almost 0 maintenance is great as well. Plus it's a fun car to drive and i paid around 39,000 Canadian after haggling a bit with the dealer.
I returned home from Edmonton a week or so back. I didn't see any BEV/PHEVs during my week stay there. I saw 3 L2s at a library in Millwoods, but all of them were ICEd.
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