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Anybody used a Wolfbox car camera on a Volt?

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I'm looking at trying the Wolfbox G900 car camera on a 2013 Volt.
I can't tell for sure, but I believe it attaches to the existing rear view mirror, and also has an externally mounted rear camera that it works with.

I'm not sure if that forward camera will be far enough out to be outside the black box on the windshied, and the blacking out on the windshield itself, which may also block the camera from seeing ahead.

Anybody tried one of them, and found that it did, or didn't, work on the Volt?

Since the 'mirror' is then acting more like a display for the two cameras, and it's looking like it could be attached to the existing rear view mirror more to the right, that may be enough to help make it work.

And then mount the rear camera to the bottom of that wing at the bottom of the main hatch window.
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Bought a Pelsee P12 Pro instead - I like the voice control option, and blind side detector indicator, and price was less than half. So will see how that goes. Also decided to put on the Ridgeline instead to start, and if it does well, will get another for the Volt.
Any updates on either of these camera options?
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