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Any way to turn off that quick 3-beep horn honk?

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In my old Volt, the only reason why it would do that is if it detected that the key was still in the vehicle. I turned that off because it was annoying and loud.

I turned off all of those settings in my new Volt but for whatever reason, it still makes that annoying sound.

Two instances where I noticed it happen:

--Turned off vehicle. I opened the door then I closed it.
--I left vehicle on but had to go outside to open the garage (I don't have remote yet and for whatever reason, GM didn't include garage opener on the new Volt). Closing the door while the vehicle was still on activated those three beeps of the horn.
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Issue with Mister Dave's schematic is that it is actually a momentary ground being sent from the BCM located in the front of vehicle back to the Horn Relay in the rear that is used to energize this special solid-state horn relay to produce the sounds out of both the left and right horn(s) located on the Gen1. Believe GM used this solid-state relay only for this use where all other relays in the Gen1 are non-solid state specifically because these horn(s) are also used to produce the quick-succession pedestrian alert toots and the single chirp for the successful charging.
Did the best I could without a Volt schematic. Got one? I'll update the print.

Hmmm, maybe there's one in the service manual.....

Edit: Horn connector pinouts:

Pin Size Colour Circuit Function

1 1 BK 1050 Ground -
2 1 BN/GY 29 Horn Control

1 1 BK 1150 Ground -
2 1 BN/GY 29 Horn Control

Both horn connectors have the same pinouts and color code. Might be better to go DPST on the horns, but I'm guessing this circuit is split after the BCM/horn relay/whatever. Either way, breaking into the horn control circuit would suffice as we're silencing the horn. Schematic updated.

I get the circuit. I don't get why. I think we're trying to disable the horn with the car parked but running. So are the DRL's off when you park the car but leave it running?
The DRLs come on when you shift out of park.

If it's dark, certainly the headlights are on thus the dreaded triple honk.
Good point - that could be an issue easily remedied by turning the headlights off.

There's always the turn the stupid car off thing. It's not like you have to crank a starter motor again. Otherwise the car should not honk when it's off, except when you have the 'all lights on when you turn off the car' function (don't recall the actual name of this) enabled in the config menu.
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