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Any way to turn off that quick 3-beep horn honk?

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In my old Volt, the only reason why it would do that is if it detected that the key was still in the vehicle. I turned that off because it was annoying and loud.

I turned off all of those settings in my new Volt but for whatever reason, it still makes that annoying sound.

Two instances where I noticed it happen:

--Turned off vehicle. I opened the door then I closed it.
--I left vehicle on but had to go outside to open the garage (I don't have remote yet and for whatever reason, GM didn't include garage opener on the new Volt). Closing the door while the vehicle was still on activated those three beeps of the horn.
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Since the recall, MY2012 now does the 3 beep thing when I close the door with it on. I drive truck for a living and on cold mornings I start my truck and sit in my car for a while until the truck (somewhat) warms up. There are houses nearby and the 3 beep thing is actually more annoying than my truck running.
HERE IS HOW I STOP THE 3 BEEPS: With MYVOLT on, lower drivers window slightly, as I get out of the VOLT and close the door, I stick my hand with the VOLT's key fob thru the open window for a sec and then put the fob back in my coat pocket and go start my truck. NO BEEPS and only takes a sec to put the fob in and out of the window. Kind of a pain .. but it works. If anyone has a simpler solution .. please post it !!
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