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Any volt deals in florida???

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Possibly looking to lease a new one if anyone can share any great deals and provide dealer info I would appreciate it!
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Maher Chevrolet in St. Pete apparently gives out new Volts as loaners whenever anyone is getting major service (even if not on a Volt, their way of promoting EVs). As a result, they usually have a number of Volts with 2k-3k miles on them that they then sell for $4k-5k off. Sometimes they'll take the federal tax credit and pass it along to the eventual buyer.

We bought a loaded 2014 there with 2500 miles on it for $26k (sticker was $40 k). We still got the 3 year/36k mile bumper-to-bumper warranty (3 years from our purchase date and to 38,500 on the odometer so we got the full 36k miles applied to our ownership). Of course, St. Pete would be a considerable drive from Miami. Good luck!
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