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Just sold my VW TDI back the other day, and I have been looking at some 1st generation Volts in my area. The first one I test drove was charged up enough that I didn't notice the generator at all while driving. The 2nd one however had not been charged at all when I got to the dealership, so it was all generator. Everything seemed fine, until I hit about 35 mph, then the generator started revving really high, like it was stuck in a low gear and couldn't shift out of it. It got worse as I increased speed, to the point that I was uncomfortable driving it for fear of it blowing something. I hate to ask this, but is that something normal for the Volt? The salesman didn't seem to know what was going on either, but he went and asked his "expert", and that guy said it's normal when the battery is dead. Any insight on the matter would be much appreciated! Thanks so much everyone.
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