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Another super positive review of the Bolt EV, this one by Tom Voelk

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Tom Voelk used to do the "Driven" reviews for the NY Times. Apparently the paper has dropped these. Bummer for me since I always enjoyed his reviews. In any event, Tom now has a YouTube channel. A couple of weeks ago he reviewed the Bolt EV. Only had nice things to say about the car and nothing nice about GM Marketing. LOL Anyway, have a look. As always his reviews are informative and entertaining.

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Having the roof crossbars visually answers the question "Roof rack?"

"It's the 5th vehicle to be charged largely by battery" Uh, after the battery the Bolt uses, what "Flintstones"? :)

It is very fast. Faster than the tires for sure.

"Now if they could just get the marketing team in board." Chevy has a marketing team??
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GM has electric cars? I thought only Tesla did...
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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