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Another super positive review of the Bolt EV, this one by Tom Voelk

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Tom Voelk used to do the "Driven" reviews for the NY Times. Apparently the paper has dropped these. Bummer for me since I always enjoyed his reviews. In any event, Tom now has a YouTube channel. A couple of weeks ago he reviewed the Bolt EV. Only had nice things to say about the car and nothing nice about GM Marketing. LOL Anyway, have a look. As always his reviews are informative and entertaining.

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GM has electric cars? I thought only Tesla did...
Yep, and the funny thing is both companies spend the same amount on advertising EV's.:(
Off the Wall Bonus Trivia: Both Hiroshima and Nagasaki shared a common trait, which has nothing and everything to do with the Atomic Bomb. Both were used to build the Yamato class battleships, of which only two were built. Hiroshima built the first one, the Yamato, and Nagasaki built the second one, the Musashi. This is not widely reported because it would appear to make Hiroshima and Nagasaki valid military targets which is not a popular way to report history today, that is, truthfully.
Nice. Way to go.
So all those innocent victims are just 'casualties'.

Back then we had the technology to spot bomb targets? What about all the film of this being done?

And Japan was ready to surrender, before these horrible actions....

OK, so why a second one so soon?

Dang it why does this 'extra credit' have to creep into The Highest Tech Car Forum?
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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