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Another super positive review of the Bolt EV, this one by Tom Voelk

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Tom Voelk used to do the "Driven" reviews for the NY Times. Apparently the paper has dropped these. Bummer for me since I always enjoyed his reviews. In any event, Tom now has a YouTube channel. A couple of weeks ago he reviewed the Bolt EV. Only had nice things to say about the car and nothing nice about GM Marketing. LOL Anyway, have a look. As always his reviews are informative and entertaining.

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"It's the 5th vehicle to be charged largely by battery" Uh, after the battery the Bolt uses, what "Flintstones"? :)

"Now if they could just get the marketing team in board." Chevy has a marketing team??
I think he meant the Bolt EV was the fifth plug in from GM. That would be the the Volt, the ELR, the Spark, the CT6 hybrid, and now the Bolt EV. I guess six if you include the EV1. Just his response to the idea that GM was the company which killed the electric car. (He owns an ELR BTW).

And how could you forget GM Marketing. It's the group that gave us what might be the worst tagline in history for the Volt. How can you forget "More Car Than Electric"? LOL
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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