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Another super positive review of the Bolt EV, this one by Tom Voelk

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Tom Voelk used to do the "Driven" reviews for the NY Times. Apparently the paper has dropped these. Bummer for me since I always enjoyed his reviews. In any event, Tom now has a YouTube channel. A couple of weeks ago he reviewed the Bolt EV. Only had nice things to say about the car and nothing nice about GM Marketing. LOL Anyway, have a look. As always his reviews are informative and entertaining.

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Back in the Brass Era, 1914-1916 or so, GMC offered electric trucks for drayage. Random E Olds was experimenting with electric cars as well. But that may have been before it was part of GM. GM is probably the only modern manufacturer that can claim to have made electrics way back then. I don't think MB did. Ferdinand Porsche made a few - but that was 40 years before his son Ferry started the current Porsche company. So any link there is tenuous.
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