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Another road trip.

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I did another road trip yesterday to Portland ME. Last week I reported on the battery range when you restrict battery use to regular roads (35MPH) and do all of the highway driving in Hold, i got 70 miles on the battery at that speed. In fact my guess-o-meter was up to 73 in the morning before I went to Portland. I got a free charge in Portland so I decided to use the battery on the highway at 72MPH. At highway speeds the battery range was awful, I only got 44 miles on the battery. The gas MPG for the remainder of the trip was great, 46MPG.

Cost to run on battery vs gas with electricity at 21.4 cents/KW, with a 90% charge efficiency thats 24 cents/KW and gas at $2.69 a gallon,

Battery @ 35MPH, 4.8 cents/mile
Battery @ 72MPH, 7.64 cents/mile
Gas @ 72MPH, 5.85 cents/mile


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Very interesting... With the currently low gas prices and your high electric rates, you're close to the "use gas only" state. The data item missing from your research could possibly be very important and that is:

Gas @ 35MPH, ? cents/mile
I'm aghast. I expected more respect for truth and knowledge from you, bjrosen! To refuse to report cost data because you "don't really care" is not what I would expect from an impartial scientist. Perhaps because you live in the high class town of Westford, wasting a few dollars in the name of quiet luxury does not concern you.
Well, my tongue was partially in my cheek. I'm with you on all you said above. I also know that your car is usually in your driveway, how did that cover work out for you this winter?

I would like to see the gas @35 data only because so many folks make the assumption that using the ICE at low speeds is inefficient. Perhaps after my ICE has been broken in (I only have about 20 miles on it), I'll schedule a 50 mile home to Westford to back home test.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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