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Another problem?!!! Suspicious puddle this morning

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I came back from church this morning and saw this suspicious puddle as I was pulling into my garage. It is directly under the exhaust pipe, and also about a 1.5 feet back from the pipe. I consistently park my car in the same location every time. Automotive tire Tire Auto part Automotive wheel system Vehicle

I haven't seen this puddle ever before. It is not from melted ice or snow from the car. We haven't had any snow for the past 2 weeks. The puddle is black, so if it is water, it is dirty water. I think it is just water, probably condensation from the exhaust when I preconditioned the car this morning before leaving for church. It was about 5 degrees F. this morning. I didn't notice the puddle as I got into the car to leave, however, I did smell a slight burnt rubber smell when I got into the car. I assumed it was the normal burnt smell which is caused by a new engine burning off some of the coatings from the manufacturing process. Now I'm not so sure.

Is this anything to be concerned about?
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Aside from shock absorber fluid or gas, neither of which would leave a stain like that, I would say it is just normal dripping, moisture off the car. It may have been there longer than you think. Look at the salt staining around it. It used to be a bigger puddle then what you are looking at. My guess is that it was a chunk of ice frozen under the car that finally melted enough to fall out from somewhere. Even from the front.
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