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Another problem?!!! Suspicious puddle this morning

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I came back from church this morning and saw this suspicious puddle as I was pulling into my garage. It is directly under the exhaust pipe, and also about a 1.5 feet back from the pipe. I consistently park my car in the same location every time. Automotive tire Tire Auto part Automotive wheel system Vehicle

I haven't seen this puddle ever before. It is not from melted ice or snow from the car. We haven't had any snow for the past 2 weeks. The puddle is black, so if it is water, it is dirty water. I think it is just water, probably condensation from the exhaust when I preconditioned the car this morning before leaving for church. It was about 5 degrees F. this morning. I didn't notice the puddle as I got into the car to leave, however, I did smell a slight burnt rubber smell when I got into the car. I assumed it was the normal burnt smell which is caused by a new engine burning off some of the coatings from the manufacturing process. Now I'm not so sure.

Is this anything to be concerned about?
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That looks like exhaust condensation that in an ICE vehicle pretty much gets burned off but in a Volt the ICE and exhaust seldom operate enough to burn it all out of the ehaust. There is a weep hole the allow all that build up to drip out to help extend the life of the exhaust system.

That's my guess.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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