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Another person needing input on Volt lease buyout

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Hi All,
My 2014 Volt lease is ending this month. I only have 23k miles (lease was for 30k). I called US Bank and they came down from $24k (plus tax) residual to $19k (incl taxes). Still more than I want to pay. I will call them back again, but I am wondering if the low mileage will impact my ability to get them down lower. Any thoughts?

Also, has anyone purchased an extended warranty? Are they worth it?
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We can't tell you whether that's a good price or not because you didnt' tell us whether you have a base or Premium Dan what options you have. The MSRP can vary by over $5k.

I'm very anti extended warranties. Just put the money you would have spent on the warranty in the back and use that for any car repairs. The odds are that you won't need to replace more than that amount. The only exception is if you have a long history of cars falling apart on you. If you are that unlucky, then maybe an extended warranty is for you
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