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Another person needing input on Volt lease buyout

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Hi All,
My 2014 Volt lease is ending this month. I only have 23k miles (lease was for 30k). I called US Bank and they came down from $24k (plus tax) residual to $19k (incl taxes). Still more than I want to pay. I will call them back again, but I am wondering if the low mileage will impact my ability to get them down lower. Any thoughts?

Also, has anyone purchased an extended warranty? Are they worth it?
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I just bought yesterday an off lease 2014 Volt Premier from a Chevrolet dealership with 21,400 mile for $18,400 out the door. Buying it from GM gives me 1 year of bumper to bumper coverage and the rest of the warranties. If your bank lets you buy out at 19K including taxes you most likely can not do better on the used car market.
i have been shopping for the last 3 months and 18 to 21K is the norm for a 14 off lease car
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