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Another person needing input on Volt lease buyout

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Hi All,
My 2014 Volt lease is ending this month. I only have 23k miles (lease was for 30k). I called US Bank and they came down from $24k (plus tax) residual to $19k (incl taxes). Still more than I want to pay. I will call them back again, but I am wondering if the low mileage will impact my ability to get them down lower. Any thoughts?

Also, has anyone purchased an extended warranty? Are they worth it?
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$19 is not realistic. Several months ago two individuals posted here that they got US Bank down to $11,000 and $12,000 but after weeks of going back and forth but the low US Bank offer only came in days before the car was due to be turned in. As I understand it, some or all of the $7,500 federal tax incentive (which US Bank pocketed) was added to the residual to bring down the lease payment; your residual may actually be $16,500 if the applied the entire $7,500 to the residual.
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