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Another New Battery Technology

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What's the energy density of an orange? Pretty low, I'm guessing. :) Probably take a semi-truck load or more to equal a Volt battery.
It doesn't depend that much on the orange which is just the electrolyte. It actually depends on the electrodes. Look up a good source of electrochemistry and you can build a orange (or any citric fruit) powered cell with two coins or two different metallic electrodes. But one cell has very little power, so yes, you need a truckload to hold enough energy.
I wish one of these "new battery technology" batteries actually made it to market. I can make a battery out of an orange, but that doesn't mean it would useful to run a car.
One orange makes a cell. You need more to make a battery which are many cells in series and/or parallel.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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