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Another long term storage question 2017 Volt

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I am going to be leaving my 2017 Volt outside for 3 summer months in Miami (Daytime highs mid 90's, night time lows mid 80's.....). I have searched the forum posts on this subject, but they are a little confusing. For one, my owners manual has no information on long term storage, it only says to leave car plugged in when not using so battery is maintained at correct temperature. Many posts mention information that is in the owners I am out of luck.

My question is, did they change the software/hardware in the car so it is now correct to leave it plugged in? What is the proper way to leave it when it is hot outside? At this point I am thinking of leaving the battery at half charge and attaching a trickle charger to the battery terminals under the hood (which I assume is the other 12V system).

Thank you for any good answers....
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1) If you use a trickle charger, be sure to use one compatible with AGM batteries.
2) Transport mode will not interfere with your wife driving the car in any way and she won't have to disable or re-enable the mode. The only thing she will notice is a message on the display notifying her it is turned on (try it yourself for a few days). I personally would use it as an extra margin of safety and a backup to the trickle charger in case it gets disconnected by accident, or your wife forgets to connect it or plug it in or connects it wrong.
3) There are a lot of people in South Florida that need seasonal storing of cars, and there are commercial services available to store and maintain your car for you. And some of them will even detail it and deliver it to you whenever you need it.
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