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Another LED Headlight Question

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Looking to upgrade my headlights. After reading many posts ..... I'm more confused than ever. Lots of links to products no longer available etc....

I'm never sure which ones fit and which ones do not. I bought a pair that fit my son's Cobalt(?) but they didn't fit my Volt. I have a '12.

Anyway, would one of these work? Which one? H7?, H11? I'm kinna sick of looking. around.

Any help is always appreciated. Thanks.
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P.S. They give you a mild sedative that you absorb right through your eyeball, so you'll be very relaxed when the time comes. When they say stare at the light, take it seriously and everything will be fine. It goes a lot faster than I thought it would.
I posted my initial review of the Morimoto 2Stroke LED over in Dutch's thread in the main Gen 1 forum here:
I put the Auxbeam F16 headlights in my Volt this weekend to replace the 55W Innovited HID that were previously installed (one ballast went bad after about 3 years). The beam pattern and illumination is very comparable. I actually had one of each installed for a bit because I didn't have time to change both before I had to leave. I am happy with them so far, though I have had limited use.

I have these in my Suburban for low, and high beam, and they have been good for about 6 months now.

They are $50 on Amazon (used the 9006 kit, and cut the tabs slightly to make them fit), and they fit within the headlight cover. I had holes in my cover from the HID. I just taped them up for now. I will keep an eye on temps, and put some larger boots on if needed (actually already bought them just in case). If it isn't needed I will buy new OE covers.
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That is what I used, but the 9006 bulb, not H11.
Link fixed.
That is what I used, but the 9006 bulb, not H11.
why not just buy the right bulb??
New guy to the forum and was wondering about headlight upgrades today. Welp after some digging I have a pair of GEEMAI LED Headlight Bulbs (on amazon, but too new to post links yet) which seems like a few Volt owners have purchased and left sparse reviews for. Amazon same day shipping so I hope to take pics and get them all installed tonight with some before/after details.
81 - 88 of 88 Posts
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