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Another LED Headlight Question

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Looking to upgrade my headlights. After reading many posts ..... I'm more confused than ever. Lots of links to products no longer available etc....

I'm never sure which ones fit and which ones do not. I bought a pair that fit my son's Cobalt(?) but they didn't fit my Volt. I have a '12.

Anyway, would one of these work? Which one? H7?, H11? I'm kinna sick of looking. around.

Any help is always appreciated. Thanks.
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9012 is also HB4 IIRC. This thread leads to a few others with newer LEDs than I have - look at the later pages:
I tucked my heat spreader braids inside the lamp assembly, spread them out, put the dust caps back on. I checked the temperature a few times by touch they were fine after a good hour commute home. I know they suggest to drill hole in dust cap and have heat sink braids exposed. they are still working just great.
My braids are tucked in and capped too. I think the caveat is that you have to spread the braid out as much as possible to avoid hot spots.
I ordered these 9012s for $69 -

Great quality and puts a ton more light out on low beam. High beam is only slightly better, but the low beam spreads the light to the sides and fills in the details so much more than stock. So impressed by the quality that I ordered a set for my wife's Volt and my motorcycle (H4).

No affiliation with the above. Just a happy customer. Fast shipping too.
Now I'm upset. I paid them $199 for 2500 lumen LEDs and now they have 4000 lumen kits for $69.

AAAARRRGH!!! Well, time to upgrade I guess.

Also put in coupon code X10 for another $7 off.
They aren’t actually 4000 lumen, just a heads up. The ones you have I very much doubt they are 2500 either. Offshore LED bulb swaps are incredibly inflated.
That's okay. The last set were an improvement and if this set is another improvement I'm fine with the $69 I just spent.

What is it with you and LED headlamps anyway? You seem to have issues.
Turboguy327, We've had our disagreements in the past, but on this I agree 100%.
Most of the assembly companies use RAW data from the LED chip maker and real world output is usually around 85% of that.

There do seem to be a few exceptions that list more realistic numbers.
And what about halogen output claims?
Because they are a waste of money. If you upgrade the halogen bulbs, it will be a much improved upgrade over a Chinese LED bulb swap. HID and LED belong in housings designed for each light source. I’ve proven it on the Facebook page more than once. With volt projectors
I don't want to take anything away from your findings. Are you saying I haven't seen an improvement with my car?
Idk. Have you? I know that upgrading halogen bulbs will give you better results than a Chinese LED bulb swap. Anything is a improvement over stock but you can get halogen bulbs cheaper that will be more reliable and easier to install than cheap LED bulbs. I know they aren’t actually cheap, but they are made very cheaply.
I did a halogen upgrade. I'm not really interested in HID, if that's what you're talking about.

Did I see an improvement with LEDs? Yes, to my eyes anyway. I'm quite sure what I did wouldn't be better and possibly worse for other people, especially older folks with yellow eye lenses.

It's not just about lumen output, projector or headlamp optics as I understand. I'm now on my fifth set of 'bulbs'.

But wait, you're quite sure I haven't had an improvement. If you have a case to make perhaps we could see your results here? I'm not a fan of scanning through Facebook posts.
Our emitter arrays conform to the 9012 halogen filament's position and orientation for maximum compatibility with the optics in a halogen headlamp.
Is this a meaningless claim? If so, why?
Well, I have no idea where it came from so.... And, probably considering that the only bulb that can replicate a halogen bulb.... is a halogen bulb.
I'm not trying to mock you. You were very certain about your post, and now we're at "probably".

Here's the data sheet on the chips if it helps:

Now if you know something we don't please share it. I'm not looking for perfect bulbs, but I'm all for having more useful information.
While I'm at it, here's the data sheet on the LEDs in my car right now:
LED bulb swaps just can’t replicate halogen bulbs. It’s a fact. Not a opinion. And I was being sarcastic.
You say. Again, I'm not mocking you or being sarcastic, but I don't take anyone's word in a forum for what a fact is.
Well... I guess it's time to get access to a collimating sphere again.
Not interested in your kinky sexual activities. :D

Oh, did you mean a Schmidt-sphere imaging collimator?

I read someone saying they proved something.
Your loss on information. Look at them lit up outside of a housing if you don’t believe me. It’s just how LEDs output light. It’s also just common sense when you look at them side by side.
Funny you should mention side-by-side because that's exactly what I did with them installed in the car. Not that photos tell the whole story, but......

Just a few with the 2500 lumen LEDs against the best halogens I have. Sorry I don't have anything with the 4000 lumen kits, but I only just ordered them.
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Lights are bright when you stare right at them? No ****? Never knew that... Besides, look at all the glare. Your pictures prove my point. The light isn’t focused correctly. Best halogens?? It says OEM in the pictures...
What the images suggest (note I don't say "prove") is that in front of the car, where you might expect, that the LED is putting out a bit more light into the camera than the best halogens I have.

May I ask you one more time to produce your evidence where as you said, you proved on Facebook that halogens work better? I'm very interested to know the particulars of this proof.

It was only a few years ago that LED couldn't come close to the OEMs. Later, as I acquired my first set that appeared to not be the case though LED was quite a bit more expensive. I think LEDs have advanced to the point where they can be even brighter and competitive on price too. I would be concerned about blinding oncoming drivers if not for the shutter mechanism in the Volt headlight assemblies.

The one thing they suck at is melting driving wet snow off of the headlight assemblies. They don't get hot enough.
The shutter assemblies work just like any other projector. They don’t magically stop glare inside a volt headlight. They focus the light out of the lens and provide a cutoff line. But they don’t stop glare all by themselves.
I can see the effect the shutters have. The cutoff line is where it is and works fine. I have yet to be flashed by an oncoming driver.

It's interesting how you say all these things as if I haven't experienced driving with my LED headlights.

Your pictures show the glare that halogens don’t have... If your car came in for a inspection, I would fail it.
You didn't tell us you were an inspector. Then again, I don't recall having my car inspected for headlights... like..... ever.
Well, come to NY and you’ll grow to hate princess Andy just like everyone else.
Illinois is bad enough with Prince Madigan, thank you.
Following your link, those bulbs were $169 not $69, unless you got a great deal. They are now discontinued as well.

The site recommends these:

For $129.
Unless you're leaving the dust caps off I'd skip those. The heat sinks won't be terribly effective compared to the braided loops on the previous version. At least you could spread the braids out 360 degrees.

There are plenty of other choices today. It's a bit overwhelming just how many.

As for discontinued models, that's the nature of the beast right now. The most recent set I bought from that site were discontinued by the time I had gotten them installed.
I’ve explained myself quite a few times to you and others.
Okay then, and we've explained our positions too. Right in this thread. That should do it.

It's like using extension cords. We know you shouldn't, you can be told you shouldn't and yet you will if that's how you've decided to go. What's best doesn't matter. What you're going to do is what you're going to do.

I'm very pleased with my second set of LEDs. I have no doubt that HIDs could be brighter, but this is what I decided to use. It does what I want it to do.
....especially given that you say 2018 in the photo and it is still 2017.
Ooops!! Credibility out the window there. Sorry Turboguy.
You do realize there are 2018 model year vehicles out that you can purchase right? If you don’t know that who is credibility are you questioning?
If you're buying a Mini Cooper (among others) you can't buy a 2018 until Monday. Notice I didn't preface with "you do realize".
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