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Another LED Headlight Question

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Looking to upgrade my headlights. After reading many posts ..... I'm more confused than ever. Lots of links to products no longer available etc....

I'm never sure which ones fit and which ones do not. I bought a pair that fit my son's Cobalt(?) but they didn't fit my Volt. I have a '12.

Anyway, would one of these work? Which one? H7?, H11? I'm kinna sick of looking. around.

Any help is always appreciated. Thanks.
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The biggest trick for installing the Morimoto kit is that you will need a hole saw to drill out the dust caps so you can put the rubber extenders in. I detail it in the above mentioned thread. If you need detailed instruction as to how to drill it out without messing up your dust caps just let me know and I'll put something together.

(and this thread reminded me to do an update )
I didn't have the required drill bit/saw. I heated a penny red hot on my grill burner and placed it on the dust cap. Got a neat hole :)
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