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Another LED Headlight Question

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Looking to upgrade my headlights. After reading many posts ..... I'm more confused than ever. Lots of links to products no longer available etc....

I'm never sure which ones fit and which ones do not. I bought a pair that fit my son's Cobalt(?) but they didn't fit my Volt. I have a '12.

Anyway, would one of these work? Which one? H7?, H11? I'm kinna sick of looking. around.

Any help is always appreciated. Thanks.
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I ordered these 9012s for $69 -

Great quality and puts a ton more light out on low beam. High beam is only slightly better, but the low beam spreads the light to the sides and fills in the details so much more than stock. So impressed by the quality that I ordered a set for my wife's Volt and my motorcycle (H4).

No affiliation with the above. Just a happy customer. Fast shipping too.
Idk. Have you? I know that upgrading halogen bulbs will give you better results than a Chinese LED bulb swap. Anything is a improvement over stock but you can get halogen bulbs cheaper that will be more reliable and easier to install than cheap LED bulbs. I know they aren’t actually cheap, but they are made very cheaply.
The ones I installed are Phillips brand and a much higher quality of machining and assembly than I've seen from "Chinese LED" bulbs. We can agree that the latter are terrible. Well worth the money for what *I* want in a headlight.

The color is a nice white. Not blue, not yellow, but a nice bright white. Not everything made in China is cheap or junk.
I know. I own a collection of DJI products. LED bulbs on the other hand... By chance are you in NY?
No, other coast-ish.

I'm in Utah.
I know. I own a collection of DJI products. LED bulbs on the other hand...

Did you buy them directly from Philips? Or a authorized retailer?

And did the package have 1 “L” on its packaging or 2? Real philips products only has 1 L. Common way to sell forgeries is to have Philips with 2 Ls.
The Phillips brand is what you get from XenonDepot. The box says "Designed in Canada".

Seems suspicious that there is no "eh".
I never put the dust caps back on; just let the braiding hang out in the wind. Have these installed in both of our Volts and have seen zero issues even in heavy rain and high humidity (admittedly rare here).

Also put one in my dirtbike (plated) headlight hanging out into nothingness and it sees conditions that no Volt ever will; mud, ice, heat, vibration. So far it has also been flawless.
1 - 5 of 88 Posts
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