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I had previously tested the Philips Intense Vision 7443 bulbs as replacements for the factory 7443 incandescent ones. Although the Philips were "ok", and are a good match for 7443 light pattern, they are simply not as bright as the incandescent bulbs.

My quest for a better red 7443 LED bulb led me to the Diode Dynamics 7443 HP11. These DD bulbs are significantly longer than a spec 7443, but nevertheless fit fine in the brake light housing.

Here are the objective results. I took photos using a manual camera, stopped down to avoid saturation and with a fixed exposure setting, comparing the Philips and the DD with the factory incandescents. First, I will show color pictures. The incandescent bulb is shown on the right in each case. Note that it has the tight pattern, with a central hot spot. The Philips matches the pattern closely, but is less intense. The DD bulb has a much broader pattern.

Philips (left) vs. 7443 incandescent (right):
PHIL-L INCAN-R web.jpg

Diode Dynamics (left) vs. 7443 incandescent (right):
DD-L INCAN-R web.jpg

Next, I used Photoshop to give me the relative luminance values both on center, and off center for each configuration. Same order:
PHIL-L INCAN-R LUM only web.jpg
DD-L INCAN-R LUM only web.jpg

Conclusions: The DD LED bulb is much brighter than the Philips LED both on center, and off center. However, the original incandescent bulb is still brighter on center. I'm sticking with the DD!
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