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Another 100K mile Volt!

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Dear Gentle Readers...
I am so friggin jazzed. My 2013MY rolled over 100,000 miles this week. Looks like I am the ~93rd car to do so on VoltStats.

Lifetime MPG is 72, with 55% of all miles in EV mode. (3) oil changes, (2) sets of tires, (1) EDM fluid change, and an ICE air filter. That's it! No battery perceptable degradation as expected. I don't think we will such an overbuilt drivetrain again in our lifetimes, the Gen1 is Epic. The Info-tainment system excluded from this review. :rolleyes:

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The fact you mentioned infotainment... not really excluded from the review. The lack of something good to say about it speaks volumes.

Congrats. I'll be there in less than a year, unless my job situation/commute changes.
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