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Hi mates!

I'm from Spain, so sorry about my poor english :(I'll try my best.

I'm waiting for get my Ampera (2nd hand) in 1-2 months, and i like to find some upgrades. It'll be the model 2011 to 2013, i haven't got money enough for a newer model :p.

I love to "play with gadgets", so i want to upgrade the screen and nav system. I know the HD-Link thread, but I want to ask if there is another alternative not mirror, but a complete Android device, independent of the mobile phone. If my girlfriend drive the car, her mobile is older than mine and i don't know if it would work, so i think it will be easier if the car has it owns system, with a GPS and 3G receiver (sim card maybe??)

Thanks for your help and hope you can understand me! :p

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