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Android Auto Click Bypass

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Is there any way to increase or uncap the number of interactions you can have with Android Auto before it locks you out? I really don't think the voice interface is good enough yet, and want the option of clicking around a bit more. It looks like a lot of manufacturers are using the parking brake sensor, but I haven't found a thread about this for the Volt specifically.
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Android Auto defaults to 6 interactions or screens when the car is in gear. Say for example: In google music, tap the menu button, then Recents, You will be able to hit the scroll down button 4 times before it stops you with a nag. This is true in any of the audio playing applications.

Fairly certain Apple CarPlay has a similar limitation.

The limit is baked into the Android Auto software itself. There is a patch to disable it on some Android phones, provided you can install XPOSED... This generally requires a rooted phone.
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