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Looking at this app, it says it is only compatible with Android 5.0 (lollipop) or greater. Just curious if anyone has downloaded it on kitkat and whether or not they got it to work.

Lollipop is not available for my phone model, and I know I need a new one. Just trying to see if I can postpone that transition.
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OK, so I managed to get my HTC One M9 to work with Android Auto in USB "charge mode". The problem is that as soon as I tried to switch from music to navigation it dropped the Bluetooth connection and refused to reconnect until I turned the MyLink system off and then back on. I also discovered that the music players that work with AA are seriously restricted in trying to find the 50 GB of music and Podiobooks stored on my phone. Uninstalled AA and all the music players that work with AA from my phone and turned AA off in the car. I then figured out how to mount my old phone mount in a place that is out of my way when not in use and only slightly in line of sight while my phone is in the cradle. It's also where I can point the driver's inboard HVAC vent to blow cold air on the phone to avoid phone overheat.

My opinion of AA is that it's alpha quality code at best. I gave it a one star on Google's Play store because of these issues.
I'm not sure I've been clear about the threat. download a bad app or go to a bad webpage and an attacker can exploit your phone without you knowing it. these old phones have known exploits. Once your phone is exploited, an attacker can see everything you do and be able to impersonate you to google (or whatever other services you access through your phone)
It's worse than this. All versions of Android are vulnerable to a bug in the "display over all other apps" feature that Android Auto uses. This vulnerability was disclosed just last week.
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