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Looking at this app, it says it is only compatible with Android 5.0 (lollipop) or greater. Just curious if anyone has downloaded it on kitkat and whether or not they got it to work.

Lollipop is not available for my phone model, and I know I need a new one. Just trying to see if I can postpone that transition.
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I have an S4. I know I'm in serious need of an upgrade. I just hate having to re-customize everything.
My S4 works fine.
Do you have lollipop installed?
I honestly wouldn't trust using an old android device. so many security holes. You're asking to be hacked.
I don't keep any important data on mine.
JRRF, I got you beat! I still use a Galaxy S3 with 4.4.2. Play store won't let me use AA. I'm one of these weirdos that has to use something until it breaks, if it still works I'm not going to replace it!
The play store might not allow it, but I was going to try doing it right from the AA website. Just a thought.
google credentials?

honestly, run lineage on it!
Nope. Google only stores an authorization token on your phone.
authorization token is still a credential. its a revokable credential, but fundamentally no different than username/password. In fact, in a 2FA world, it be worse for an attacker to get that token than to get your username/password.
If you lose your phone you change your password and the token is worthless.

If you have 2FA you don't even need a token.
It's worse than this. All versions of Android are vulnerable to a bug in the "display over all other apps" feature that Android Auto uses. This vulnerability was disclosed just last week.
The best defense against this is to not run your life out of your phone.
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