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I've posted a few times on here but never fully introduced myself.

I just bought a 2013 Base model Volt a few weeks ago and now have 36K Miles on it - my first American car since a crappy Chevy Spectrum I had to drive for a few months in high school. I traded in my 2005 RX8 to get the Volt because the RX8 only got 18MPG and I was also worried about the long term ownership costs of the RX8. With the gas bill/monthly payment combined, even with my "negative" equity" I am still able to make a slight improvement on my monthly expenses while knowing that down the road my maintenance budget can be decreased. I have a 24 mile one way commute but can charge for free at work. As a result, I commuted all week last week without using any ICE. The weekends are another matter, but oh well, what can you do. I look forward to learning from everybody all of the tips, tricks and modifications that these cars do well with, as well as understanding more about any future issues that I may have down the road.

I'm sure I'm leaving a few things out but thats all I got for now.
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