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This guy does fantastic an informative presentations including various videos as demonstrations.

1) This presentation was from CES 2018. At about 18 minutes in he is showing what their tech can do with cameras alone. A few minutes early they had some great overview of all the building blocks to their whole plan (L4/L5) and how parts of that learning goes into their L2, L2+ (their term - adds HD maps for better lane detect, etc), L3...

TIP: I usually watch these in my PC browser window where youtube gives me the gear icon and I can change the speed to x1.25 or x1.50

Mobileye an Intel Company
Published on Jan 9, 2018
To learn more about RSS, the Mobileye approach to AV safety:
Prof. Amnon Shashua at “AI Automotive” Munich 2017 -
Prof. Shashua at World Knowledge Forum: Platform for Safe & Scalable AVs
Three Major Pillars of Technology for Autonomous Car CES 2017 -
Autonomous Car Driving with Prof. Amnon Shashua -
Mobileye's Autonomous Car - What the System Sees -
Autonomous Car Technology -

2) Their open EyeQ5 multi-level API was discussed as well which came about with more Intel resources.

3) They discuss their partners and partnerships too
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