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Altairnano lithium titanate battery

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How looking at using this battery in the Volt. It gets faster recharge time and longer distance on each charge. Plus it is said to last 20+ years. Also it is an American company that builds the batteries so that will help keep the Volt more domestic than the battery companies they are looking at now.
this is a link to a story on the battery:
this is a link to the company's website:
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Their latest press release confirms the promotion of one of their execs to the role of CEO and President, after acting in that position for a few months:


While Copeland has excellent credentials, I haven't seen a single press release that demonstrates that he has truly "better positioned" Altairnano. The proof is in sales, contracts or partnerships with a major automaker, but I see no reports of any such agreements. If you search Phoenix Motorcars, you find hilarious stories of their vehicles dying on the side of the road on their way to important press / government events.

Altairnano has a long way to go before they convince me that they've made any breakthroughs in tech or progress in sales.
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