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Aloha from Hawaii!

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Hello everyone:
I just had my epiphany recently that the electric car is the only way to go. Not only because of personal economics and a cleaner environment, but no longer will we be sending our money to the Middle East, Venezuela and other countries that wish us ill will.
Ironically, I have always wanted a muscle car. I got first my license after the '72 gas crisis, so a muscle car was no longer possible. I was all excited about the return of the Challenger and Camaro, but history is repeating itself again.
Then, I saw the Volt Concept. Looked pretty sharp, like a battery-powered Camaro. I know that the production model is going through wind tunnel mods, but hopefully electric vehicles can still be styled to look sharp.
I look forward to learning with my fellow forum members.
Do any of you know how to send comments to the Volt designers at GM?
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Do any of you know how to send comments to the Volt designers at GM?
One is a member of this form and appropriately his handle is VOLT DESIGNER (I believe). If you look down in the introductory section you should find his (her?) post. From there you may be able to send a message.
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