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Almost Dead Volt

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i have a MY2016 Volt Premier

on Monday while driving towards the freeway the DIC and MyLink displays flickered between bright and dark then the DIC blanked out and when it returned it showed the background GFX (Classic Enhanced) but none of the info parts were updating(speed, Electric Charge, Fuel) and the Power Loss/Gain on the right side froze and gave at least 10 different "Service..." messages

tried restarting the car once at a light and it wouldn't do so but since everything else worked fine i decided to drive it to the Dealer and have them look at it

when i got out at the dealer it wouldn't turn off completely and the headlights stayed on

when the scheduler went out to look at it it had finally turned off and now wouldn't turn on

later that day after getting a loaner and going to work the informed me the had needed to reprogram the HVAC and that fixed it

on Tuesday all was fine
on Tuesday night we got almost a foot of snow(rare for us Portlanders to get any snow) and on Wednesday morning it wouldn't start again with almost the same symptoms

i cannot get it to start by using the start button
i have to use the Remote Start sequence on the fob
this time there is a little icon of a wrench(Service Electric Parking Brake Light) that cycles with what looks like a headlight and an arrow that points left and right

due to all the snow tow trucks are hard to find and im trying to see if there is some way i can get this at least temporarily fixed so i might drive it to the dealer myself
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no details or error codes were mentioned and i do agree, having GM involved could be a good thing

i am a bit annoyed though since i will probably have to stay in the loaner for the rest of this week (base model '16 Cruze) and is going to cost me money since i will now have to get gas for it

great time to have the worst snow/ice storm Portland has seen since '08
Chevy and their damn Cruze loaners! When I got my recall update applied either they did something wrong, or randomly a 15A fuse for the 12v charging system blew and it was RIGHT before we up here in Eastern WA were going to get hit with like 6 or 7 inches of snow and ice. I flat out refused the Cruze but the service department would have none of it. Thankfully I know one of the sales guys and he was able to speak to a manager and get me into a Colorado as a loaner... the Cruze without winter tires (all seasons wouldn't cut it) would NOT have made it through the snow my street had on it. My Volt with dedicated winter tires would have had a tough time but I think it would have made it. In winter they really should put the loaners onto snow/winter tires or make their loaners AWD small SUVs or something. Less chance a customer gets involved in an accident because of poor tires for snow/ice, and ANYONE that has a truck or SUV and gets pushed into a small FWD loaner must go ballistic, especially if they do get stuck somewhere!

I had to pay for the gas too, about $34 worth... more then I've spent on my Volt since I got it in August. I just returned it full and am writing a letter to GM asking for a refund for all or at least the difference between the Volt's cost and the Colorado. I don't mind paying for what I would have used, as the dealership so directly put it, but I had to remind them with electricity at $0.0644/kW up here, I would have used like $3.75 total that week, not $34.

If Chevy actually plans to sell a lot of these Volts and Bolts they need to adjust their loaner agreements. We're paying a large amount for these cars (compared to a Cruze buyer) and are doing it to save on gas and the environment. It's bad enough we have to get "dirty" with a pure combustion engine powered car let alone have to pay gas for it. Maybe when it's a scheduled visit or something, but any recalls, warranty repairs, or "mistakes" that result in keeping the car overnight should result in them going out of their way, not us having too...
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