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Ally account settlement letter - charged for missing charging cable

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I just received my account settlement letter from Ally for my lease return. I was charged $450 for "Equipment - Trunk/Cargo Area - Charging Cable Missing". :mad: I made sure the charger was in there and even took a picture of it. Has anyone else been charged for equipment they returned? If so, how did you resolve it? I called but the department I need to speak to is closed.
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Be prepared to jump to a lot of hoops.

Ally tried to screw me over every way they could when I returned my 2013 which was in pristine condition...

Just don't back down and provide everything you need to
Thank you, I plan to. I'm actually surprised they didn't charge me for more. Just under 100 miles excess mileage and the "missing" charger. Funny thing is, the last person I talked to at Ally before the return told me to take a picture of the charger in the trunk (which I had already done). Sounds like they add this item to everyone's account!
Smart move to have taken a picture. Before I returned my Leaf a guy came to my house and inspected it in my presence, then gave me a copy of the paperwork before he left. Definitely call them.
I wish I would have had the opportunity to be present at the inspection. That's only fair. Otherwise it's my word against his/hers. Inspectors are probably snagging chargers and selling them on the side making a fortune!
Ally didn't give me any trouble at all when I turned mine in. There was a scratch on the door that was longer than the limit and I was really worried I'd get hit for it. But they didn't charge me for anything. Toyota Financial was good to work with as well - they sent an inspector out a few weeks in advance who produced a detailed report before they left. The tires were marginal, but again no problems. I have a lease with BMW and I'm not expecting any trouble from them - seems they go out of their way to avoid doing things that could lose a customer.
That's good to hear. I wouldn't have been surprised to see a charge for tires as they were borderline to what they allow. Otherwise, the car was in perfect condition. But I'm not ok with being charged for something I know I returned!
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