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All Electric Cadillac CT6? Or just slow on the draw (CT6 PHEV)

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“You have to integrate the whole car. We feel really good about that,” said Reuss, who noted GM will soon introduce a plug-in electric vehicle that can run on pure electric power that is based on the Cadillac CT6 and a Buick extended range electric vehicle similar to the Chevrolet Volt.

Note that he says pure electric power and implies it's not like a Volt.

The way it's worded could be taken 2 ways, but this interview is post CT6 PHEV release.
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Yeah, that makes sense.

An AWD BEV version with a flat rear floor would be sweet.

Sure wish the CT6 PHEV was better thought out though.

All they had to do with the CT6 PHEV was to use the T-Shape battery layout of the Volt, then a second 100kW motor in the rear, and they would have had a great car. AWD, potent in EV mode, EREV when needed. The longer trans tunnel and wider body would have allowed more battery, and it would have a real trunk in the car instead of a glovebox over the rear bumper.

So what did they do instead? Stuffed the big ass battery right in the trunk. Not around it, or under it, or near it, they popped the latch and dropped it in like they were taking to the recycling center. It's almost removable.
It doesn't matter, I think I still want one. Unfortunately the damn car is sold in Arkansas and not Illinois.
It's a really nice car with some very high tech features. But the trunk, and the low EV-only acceleration and turbo lag, kind of wreck it. They were so close. We are probably getting the 3.0TT Platinum instead. It has a massive trunk, more responsive powertrain, and more luxury features (not that the PHEV model is sparse by any definition).
I can say for a fact that the CT6 PHEV is not 'based' on a CT6, it is one. :D

But I'm now certain either the reporter or GM staffer was confused.
Fair point, I'd still keep my Vegas

Tons of little goodies in there...Focusing on reducing mass; Qinsp, you're a racer, I still can't understand why unsprung weight isn't a huge consideration...Very lightweight, strong and affordable wheels and two piece aluminum hat rotors (Vette has them) haven't found a way to OEM...Seems both are far easier to produce and cheaper than an aluminum body...
My CTS-V had very large dual metal rotors, and my ZR1 had carbon ceramic rotors the size of pizza tins.

It depends on how far up you go in the food chain. But eventually everything trickles down.

The 2.0L four cylinder engine found the CT6 base and Camaro would be considered a race engine not too long ago. 137hp/liter Camaro engine would be 780HP in a 350 V8 engine, which is more than NASCAR is running.

Much of the engine tech did come from racing, but then was adapted for long life, low cost, mass production. High strength sheet steel alloys, sodium filled valves, inconel turbines, titanium valves and rods, roller rockers, low friction piston skirt coatings, highly optimized port design, variable cam timing, coil per cylinder, etc, all started on the racetrack.
We decided to pick the 3.0 Twin Turbo model instead. Huge trunk, good highway mileage, super comfy reclining seats in the back, tons of more features.

Perhaps in the future they will get it right. But the ICE version has a better powertrain, is more useful, and more comfy.
Do you buy one of everything? How many cars do you have?
This is for wifey. She likes Cadillacs, and she sold her 2009 CTS-V. The new CTS-V does not have all the modern safety features and comfort features, and they get $100k for them now. The CT6 has better visibility, and 4 wheel steering to make parking a breeze. And the CT6 is not exactly slow either. While no CTS-V, it should run [email protected] which is good performance at highway speeds. The 3.0L V6 in the Caddy makes more power than the 3.0L AMG Mercedes engine. 135hp/L

But to be honest, if they weren't discounting it $17k, we would not have looked twice at it. GM is having a fire sale on CT6's.
So did you get the Panaray sound system?
Yes. We have everything but the ground effects and summer tire/pads package.
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