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All Electric Cadillac CT6? Or just slow on the draw (CT6 PHEV)

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“You have to integrate the whole car. We feel really good about that,” said Reuss, who noted GM will soon introduce a plug-in electric vehicle that can run on pure electric power that is based on the Cadillac CT6 and a Buick extended range electric vehicle similar to the Chevrolet Volt.

Note that he says pure electric power and implies it's not like a Volt.

The way it's worded could be taken 2 ways, but this interview is post CT6 PHEV release.
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Yeah, that makes sense.

An AWD BEV version with a flat rear floor would be sweet.

Sure wish the CT6 PHEV was better thought out though.

All they had to do with the CT6 PHEV was to use the T-Shape battery layout of the Volt, then a second 100kW motor in the rear, and they would have had a great car. AWD, potent in EV mode, EREV when needed. The longer trans tunnel and wider body would have allowed more battery, and it would have a real trunk in the car instead of a glovebox over the rear bumper.

So what did they do instead? Stuffed the big ass battery right in the trunk. Not around it, or under it, or near it, they popped the latch and dropped it in like they were taking to the recycling center. It's almost removable.
It doesn't matter, I think I still want one. Unfortunately the damn car is sold in Arkansas and not Illinois.
It's a really nice car with some very high tech features. But the trunk, and the low EV-only acceleration and turbo lag, kind of wreck it. They were so close. We are probably getting the 3.0TT Platinum instead. It has a massive trunk, more responsive powertrain, and more luxury features (not that the PHEV model is sparse by any definition).
I'll have to either wait until it comes to IL or a nearby state or maybe test drive one while I'm in Atlanta later this summer. Maybe I'll do something stupid and drive one home.
I'm with you. Damn nice looking car. One of the few plug-ins out there I really, really like (and can't afford). Lucid Air seems to be another sweet (unaffordable) option (although they claim $52K after tax credit)--if it ever gets off the ground.

I'll believe it when I see it. I doubt I'll ever see it. I;be never seen a Fisker.

Plus, I'm really worried about the all glass roof.
The Cadillac dealer where I bought my ELR has two Fiskar Karmas on display. I believe they are owned by the dealership owner. They also have charge points in the shop area plus four right out front of the showroom.

I don't want to test drive a CT6. I am bad about snap decisions that bite back later.

The all-glass roof allows a radical re-design of the assembly line. The interior can be installed through the roof robotically.
That's exactly the same reason I haven't test driven an ELR or a gen2 volt. I'm sure I'll like either of them.

The robotic installation is interesting. But why can't they do the same bu attaching a metal panel instead of a glass panel to the roof? That's got to be how Tesla does it.
We decided to pick the 3.0 Twin Turbo model instead. Huge trunk, good highway mileage, super comfy reclining seats in the back, tons of more features.

Perhaps in the future they will get it right. But the ICE version has a better powertrain, is more useful, and more comfy.
Congrats. Send some pics. I would love to see the trunk with as many carry-on bags as you can fit into the CT6. I'm not ready to start shopping for the next car quite yet, but I just put 5 figures against my mortgage over the weekend, pulling the 6 digit balance down to 5. The finish line is in sight, I'm pushing hard to polish this off, then it will car buying time. Nowmif only some certain stocks pop so I can knock this out sooner rather than later...
So did you get the Panaray sound system?
But to be honest, if they weren't discounting it $17k, we would not have looked twice at it. GM is having a fire sale on CT6's.
I'm pretty shocked at the CT6 (non-plugin) discounts. $50K for a $64K car isn't bad
Picked up a 2017 CT6 PHEV CPO for $45,500 with just under 14k miles. Sweet car!
Congrats, the Deep Amethyst is the color my wife wanted. You're going to have to send pics of carry-on luggage in the trunk as I'm curious whether it can handle 4 of them, either horizontally or vertically.

Do you still have your ELR? I'm about 3 years away from being able to buy toys like this.... unless the economy goes gangbusters again and doubles the nest egg sooner than usual.
Traded it. It re-sold within 5 days. They only asked $25k, so, I guess they wanted it gone.
Dang, I would have liked to get an ELR for $25k. Alas, I'm still not in a position for a new car (self inflicted budget tightening - I will never borrow another penny the rest of my life).
guess that last couple of days haven't been good for you,,,maybe a yugo is in your future.maybe sell a kidney and buy in at the new lows.
My immediate future is a Cadillac CTS, a Chevy Suburban, and a Chevy Volt which are all better than a Yugo.

Selling a kidney to buy stock? Um, no. That's just plain crazy.

The last few days won't make a difference unless one decides to sell. Buy low, sell high - not the other way around. Or better yet, always buy then hold forever (or until you need the money). People who panic and sell now are idiots.

What's really amazing is how the news media is treating this. If it wasn't for the hurricane, the stock drops would have been the top news topic of the day. Yet, for the 9+ years of steady increases, you didn't see the media make a big deal out of it. They only follow the rule "if it bleeds, it leads" to gain viewership - one of the reasons I don't own an HDTV nor subscribe to any cable or satellite service.
Yup! I cut the cable 7 years ago. Same old same old. I'm doing quite well without all that angst spewing every evening.

On a lighter note, how are the beans doing? Harvested yet? Must be soothing seeing that vista.:)
I forgot to update my location. It’s corn this year. I never heard from the farmer how the crops were, but we are in God’s country. The topsoil is black and the rain was good, so I’m guessing the crops were just fine.
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