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All Electric Cadillac CT6? Or just slow on the draw (CT6 PHEV)

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“You have to integrate the whole car. We feel really good about that,” said Reuss, who noted GM will soon introduce a plug-in electric vehicle that can run on pure electric power that is based on the Cadillac CT6 and a Buick extended range electric vehicle similar to the Chevrolet Volt.

Note that he says pure electric power and implies it's not like a Volt.

The way it's worded could be taken 2 ways, but this interview is post CT6 PHEV release.
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I bet they're speaking of CHINA.
I had the same thought when I read this Reuss thing about profitable EVs earlier today.
I'll have to either wait until it....... unloaded from the slow boat from China and driven east on (I assume) train cars.

Likely they will be assembled in (using a really bad Trump impression) Chi-Nah.

Any sane person should expect ELR sales numbers, or worse.
And not just any cities in Arkansas, just the ones that don't exist...Phoenix Arkansas and Tucson Arkansas! How "Phoenix Arkansas" made it way through and why it still hasn't been corrected is beyond me...
Phoenix Township, AR

There is a Phoenix in Arkansas, but the availability list should have said Arizona in the left column.

So sorry LL, the closest dealership with plugins will be in the Gainesville/Atlanta Georgia area.
The name does include Township, so it's debatable...There really is a "Miami" Oklahoma, spelt the same yet is pronounced "'My-am-ah" for whatever reason...
For a CT6 plugin, what doesn't exist is Arkansas. I'm pretty dubious on what inventory the approved dealers will carry in most places. Our local dealer rarely had more than 3 or 4 ELRs on the lot once they were available here, and they sat there a while. I'd hazard a guess that a 2016 ELR never saw any lot time.
We decided to pick the 3.0 Twin Turbo model instead. Huge trunk, good highway mileage, super comfy reclining seats in the back, tons of more features.

Perhaps in the future they will get it right. But the ICE version has a better powertrain, is more useful, and more comfy.
Do you buy one of everything? How many cars do you have?
Mister Dave 05-03-2017 said:
Any sane person should expect ELR sales numbers, or worse.
Told you so.

U.S. EV Obituary: Cadillac CT6 Plug-In, We Hardly Knew Ye
The CT6 PHEV was doomed from the start (as Mister Dave and I correctly predicted back in 2017):

#5 - As with the ELR, the CT6 PHEV was overpriced.
It was that simple.

The CT6 is nice looking and bigger but I liked the ELR a lot too (ELR has better styling IMO). Not enough to pay that much money though for either one. All things considered they're not that compelling. Even the '16 ELRs coming off lease are too expensive for what you get.

Other GM EV products aren't breaking out of the gate on sales (no one is really - not even Tesla despite their growth in 3 sales). I don't know why they thought this would.

Good luck getting either one serviced in 5+ years. Please don't return here complaining about it (if this site is even around by that time). :rolleyes:
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