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All Electric Cadillac CT6? Or just slow on the draw (CT6 PHEV)

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“You have to integrate the whole car. We feel really good about that,” said Reuss, who noted GM will soon introduce a plug-in electric vehicle that can run on pure electric power that is based on the Cadillac CT6 and a Buick extended range electric vehicle similar to the Chevrolet Volt.

Note that he says pure electric power and implies it's not like a Volt.

The way it's worded could be taken 2 ways, but this interview is post CT6 PHEV release.
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I'll believe it when I see it. I doubt I'll ever see it. I;be never seen a Fisker.

Plus, I'm really worried about the all glass roof.
The Cadillac dealer where I bought my ELR has two Fiskar Karmas on display. I believe they are owned by the dealership owner. They also have charge points in the shop area plus four right out front of the showroom.

I don't want to test drive a CT6. I am bad about snap decisions that bite back later.

The all-glass roof allows a radical re-design of the assembly line. The interior can be installed through the roof robotically.
That's exactly the same reason I haven't test driven an ELR or a gen2 volt. I'm sure I'll like either of them.

The robotic installation is interesting. But why can't they do the same bu attaching a metal panel instead of a glass panel to the roof? That's got to be how Tesla does it.
I read about the roof thing for Model 3 somewhere. And yes, they were saying both metal or glass options. In M3, metal would lower the roof line even more though making rear seat room a problem.
Picked up a 2017 CT6 PHEV CPO for $45,500 with just under 14k miles. Sweet car!
Do you still have your ELR?
Traded it. It re-sold within 5 days. They only asked $25k, so, I guess they wanted it gone.
1 - 4 of 47 Posts
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