I bought this when my passenger presence sensor started malfunctioning (Service Airbag warning) and the parts to repair it were backordered from GM. I have since properly fixed the issue by replacing the seat cushion and sensor with new OEM parts, so I no longer need the emulator. Installation is easy, just reach under the seat, unplug the sensor, and plug in the emulator. It's not a perfect fix for the issue, but here's what it will do:
  • It will prevent the car from disabling the front passenger air bag. The front passenger air bag will always be enabled, regardless of the weight in the passenger's seat.
  • The seatbelt alarm will sometimes come on, because with the emulator installed, the car believes that a passenger is in the seat. I avoided this by just keeping the passenger's seat belt buckled.
Here's what it will not do:
  • It will not prevent Service Airbag warnings from appearing. In my case, they would still appear from time to time, though less frequently than before installing the emulator. Crucially, though, even when the Service Airbag warning appears, the front passenger airbag is never disabled.
  • It will not protect a child in the front seat from injury like the passenger presence sensor is designed to do. Please, please do not buy or use this product if there's a chance that may happen in your case. Our family is all adults, so this wasn't a concern for us; the major issue was making sure that the air bag would be enabled when another adult was riding in the front passenger's seat, which this product did successfully.
Asking $50 + shipping, send me your ZIP code for a quote. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!