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Airbag passenger sensor bad

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Anyone have to have the airbag passenger sensor replaced?

I took mine in and they cleaned the connectors but did not solve the problem. Costs $200.

Took it back and they say the passenger sensor in the seat needs replaced. $500 part $250 labor

Should they give me a $200 credit toward replacing the sensor since they did not fix it the first time?
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at 72 miles before my bumper to bumper warranty was about to expire, my passenger seat sensor started popping up a message to service the airbag system. I was headed to an out of town track meet for the kiddo, then to O'hare to pick up the wife, so I returned home with 300+ miles over 36K. I should have thought to take a picture before 36k miles, but the service advisor took pity on me, replaced the part for $100. We also had trouble scheduling the appointment since the Volt guy had a family medical emergency, so I had to wait 2 weeks before she could fit me in.

She claimed it should have cost about $800, which is pretty much in line with your prices. But yes, I would try to get some discount on the second work since the initial stuff didn't work. Now if they gave you two choices and you chose the cheap route only to come back to the more expensive one, then it's on you, not them.
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