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Airbag passenger sensor bad

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Anyone have to have the airbag passenger sensor replaced?

I took mine in and they cleaned the connectors but did not solve the problem. Costs $200.

Took it back and they say the passenger sensor in the seat needs replaced. $500 part $250 labor

Should they give me a $200 credit toward replacing the sensor since they did not fix it the first time?
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Volt passenger airbag sensor failure

Have a 2013 Volt that is going in on Friday to have the passenger seat airbag sensor replaced. $125 for diagnostic - around $800 to get it fixed. This should be a recall item since it has to do with an important safety feature, and appears to be a common defect. In fact, I've recently received a couple of (parachute attorney) letters in the mail from a law firm asking if I've had any problems with the Volt and need representation. Airbag sensor failure was one of the 10 or so items on their list, so I assume it's not uncommon. Keep your receipts just in case. Not happy that this important (and expensive) repair is falling on the consumer. Wonder how many Volt owners are driving around ignoring the sensor warning light so as not to burn an $800 hole in their wallet.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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