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Airbag passenger sensor bad

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Anyone have to have the airbag passenger sensor replaced?

I took mine in and they cleaned the connectors but did not solve the problem. Costs $200.

Took it back and they say the passenger sensor in the seat needs replaced. $500 part $250 labor

Should they give me a $200 credit toward replacing the sensor since they did not fix it the first time?
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My sensor warning (ding, ding ding noise) has been going off for months now. Definitely related to passenger seat. I read other threads about connectors possibly coming loose as you move the seat fore and aft. I inspected the connections and they appeared to be fine. Recently my mechanic disconnected & reconnected them (no charge). The car was fine for 1 trip; after that, it was back to it's old ways. EXTREMELY annoying. This is the first post I've seen regarding $800 for a sensor. That hurts. Not sure what I'll do now.

2014 Volt, 70K miles.
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