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Hello, first post but avid lurker. I own a 2015 volt with the stock (non-Bose) stereo. It has a pretty mean upper mid range bump that annoys the hell out of me (I'm a mix/mastering engineer) so I purchased a set of Morel component speakers and a 4ch amp with the intention of doing the instal myself. The last time I messed with a stock stereo was probably 20 years ago and it was a much simpler process but I'm a fairly competent tinkerer and good at following direction. Problem is, with all the stereo replacement threads on this forum I've yet to find one that specifies which wires I'm tapping into, color coding, etc.

My questions, however stupid, are:

1. Are there separate wires coming out of the head unit for the tweeter and mid-range or is it one wire going to the mid-range (door speaker) and the tweeter splits off of that?

2. WHICH wires, coming out of the head unit, go to the speakers?

3. I'm assuming the crossovers are best mounted in the door?

4. It's a fairly decent sized amp, am I going to have to mount it on top of the rear compartment?

Am I better off having a shop do the install and any ideas what that'd cost in LA? I hate paying for things I can accomplish myself unless I'm in danger of destroying the project.

Thanks in advance

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