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After two Volts... a Bolt EV!!

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I acquired a Bolt LT early as they haven't released in Florida yet.

Purchased in St Pete and driven home with 34 miles to spare....... ;-)
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Looks very nice in black ! Congrats on your new ride !
actually it is the gray but it was just after dawn so the color didn't show. The metallic comes
alive when the sun is shining on it!! ;-)
Looks great! Nice job with the photos, look like magazine shots. You must like black (it looks so sharp when clean). BTW, I have your 2012 Volt (black with tan) that I have been driving for the past 3 years (almost). OnStar had your username stored in it for the name of the vehicle :)

Enjoy it! I hope to get a Bolt in the next year or so as well, but that Volt has been treating me incredibly well.
Wow, nice to meet ya!! I loved that car! I replaced it with a base model & really missed the seat heaters....... ;-)
I didn't ask as I had issues with the Volt that I was turning in. Truth be told, I never
haggle much in my purchases ... in this case a lease.
I got an email a couple of weeks ago from Maher inviting me to a Bolt release party (I was on their mailing list since I bought my 2014 Volt from them). Their inventory at that time showed 8 Bolts in stock. I wondered how they got them ahead of the official May delivery date for FL. Did they say?
I didn't ask but I believe they shipped them in from other state/states. I believe mine was from Texas
and has a front plate attachment....... ;-( When the local dealer gets some info I will price replacing
that part.

Dawn breaks in the Indian River in Melbourne, Florida.......
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Great shots, Hoda66.

I bought my Volt from from Maher back in the first week of February.

A few photography I'm very impressed.
What camera are you using?
Do you have an external flash or lighting(regarding last pic with sunset behind the car)? I don't see any reflections in the paint.
What settings did you use?
I can't seem to replicate any of the lower light shots like you have posted in my very amateur photography career. LOL
I use a Sony A7RII (which has great dynamic range) The sunrise shot used an old Contax 24-80 zoom
and I use the Photoshop Camera Raw filter extensively. I will set overall exposure for the background &
then adjust the vehicle using the radial filter to readjust the exposure on the car.
The key is the amazing dynamic range from the full frame, 42MP sensor. It outperforms the A7II to a great
degree in bringing out underexposed details.

My flickr site.........
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