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Aerovironment Turbocord EV Charger for sale

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TurboCord is the next generation of plug-in EV chargers. It's ultra-compact size provides you the flexibility and freedom to take it anywhere. Just plug it directly into an outlet and charge at home, work or play. The Dual version works with both a 120 volt standard outlet and a 240 volt outlet for charging nearly 3 times faster than your Level 1 cordset.

I have an unused brand new Dual Aerovironment Turbocord still in it's original packaging that retails for $650 before tax. This is the latest technology in EV chargers and I am selling $550 with no additional taxes. I work in the industry and have a good relationship with the Aerovironment company and received this charger for slightly less than retail but have no need for it at this point. I have pictures available if interested.

I live in San Diego so a San Diego based Volt or Spark driver is preferable but I am willing to ship it to if you're interested.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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