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I've already heard a Volt advertisement on the radio... so GM is starting early, with most likely a big budget, for advertising.

I've read a lot of posts on these forums from people who are balking at the possible pricetag of $40k-$50k for the Volt. I've also read Mr. Lutz say that he wants to break even on the first generation of Volts... with the high cost of batteries, given the current flux state of R&D, there's no way to satisfy both sides... unless...

I'm not an ad man, so please don't be too rough in your responses to this idea.

GM Advertising partners with Early Adopters, to absorb a portion of the cost for the volt. GM will give a rebate of $5000 to the purchasers of the first X (1000, 2000, 5000?) Volts, if the owners agree to maintain advertising wrappers on their cars that help to introduce the general public to the Volt, drive a minimum of X miles a week during peak traffic times (monitored by gps transponder), attend local advertising events sponsored by GM, etc. etc. Rebate to be paid to the Volt owner after one year, when the advertising wrapper is removed. This costs GM in the neighborhood of 10-20 million dollars, but provides them with a very powerful source of advertising.

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