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Adaptive Cruise Control Questions

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I haven't found an answer to this and would like to ask the forum. Driver's Confidence Package 2 gives "automatic forward, low speed automatic braking" with forward collision alert. I believe I read that was 31 MPH or less.

ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) gives "Full Speed Front Automatic Braking"

Here is the question for a car equipped with ACC BUT not having cruise control on. If I am driving 45 MPH or 55 MPH and the car senses I might hit the object in front of me, will the car try to stop itself? I can't seem to find any answer. Does anyone know?
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I have been driving on ACC every work day for almost two years. There are many scenarios where a high speed collision is not detected and the car actually accelerates!

1. The car icon must be lit before the car takes action.
2. If there is a stationary object or vehicle in the path of travel, it will not be detected at all. ACC will act like regular CC and continue like nothing is wrong. This includes stopped cars reveiled when the car it is locked on changes lanes.
3. In my experience, FCA does not alert or take action if ACC is OFF at high speed. The detection distance is too short for the car to react in time if the closing speed is too high.
4. My car is a 2014 and there may be differences.

I DO NOT recommend that a new driver use ACC or CC until they have a year of driving experience.
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