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Adaptive Cruise Control Questions

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I haven't found an answer to this and would like to ask the forum. Driver's Confidence Package 2 gives "automatic forward, low speed automatic braking" with forward collision alert. I believe I read that was 31 MPH or less.

ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) gives "Full Speed Front Automatic Braking"

Here is the question for a car equipped with ACC BUT not having cruise control on. If I am driving 45 MPH or 55 MPH and the car senses I might hit the object in front of me, will the car try to stop itself? I can't seem to find any answer. Does anyone know?
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YES! It will. I have experienced the HUD lights and sound as well as initiation of braking at speeds between 40-50 mph. Since I intervened very quickly, and the situation was essentially a false alarm (car merging out of my lane), the system did not continue to brake hard. Many folks are failing to realize that the ACC option provides this function for high speed automatic braking. For me, ACC's adaptive cruise control function is secondary to the automatic braking sophistication it provides beyond the optical-only sensor that comes with DCP-2.
Thanks!! That is exactly the answer I was looking for. This answer has eluded me until now, and I was in need of an answer. To me, that alone, makes ACC a must have option for my next Volt. My daughter is getting pretty close to driving age and I would very much like for her to have this feature. Thanks again.

Just to be absolutely clear though, when this happened, your cruise control was NOT being used, correct?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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