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Adaptive Cruise Control Questions

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I haven't found an answer to this and would like to ask the forum. Driver's Confidence Package 2 gives "automatic forward, low speed automatic braking" with forward collision alert. I believe I read that was 31 MPH or less.

ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) gives "Full Speed Front Automatic Braking"

Here is the question for a car equipped with ACC BUT not having cruise control on. If I am driving 45 MPH or 55 MPH and the car senses I might hit the object in front of me, will the car try to stop itself? I can't seem to find any answer. Does anyone know?
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Based on my experience NO. You must have ACC ON before the car will brake at speeds over 31 MPH. It does work, it's not as smooth as a human, but once it locks on to car you are following it will stop the car to a dead stop if the car in front of you does so.

Re FCA and FAB all I can say is I don't think I have the guts to test it. I have gotten many FCA's and have always gotten to the brake pedal before the car has reacted. I guess if I were really not paying attention it would engage. But to sit back and hope it works is not human nature.

I wonder if there is some test we could conduct in a parking lot to see how it works. So far I haven't seen any YouTube video's with a Volt. There are a few with Tesla's though.
Everybody is still too chicken.

BTW - Have you SEEN the FCA come on? GEEZ!!! It has an HUD that broadcasts 6 superbright LED's across the windshield while beeping at you. It WILL get the attention of anybody with a pulse.
Jarring is how I describe it. The BEEPING could wake the dead.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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