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ACC is not working

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It's been just 2 weeks since bought my Volt.
in this morning, it started to refuse cruise control.
I don't know why, or what's the problem.
It just deactivated and make beep sounds.
I tried several times during on my way to work but it does not work any more.
WHAT THE ****!!! it's been just 2 weeks.!!

and the other problem is dealer shop is too far away from my home.
There is another dealer shop in near my home, anyone know that I can use that dealer shop?

Toyota ( my first vehicle ) was available about that situation.
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I use ACC literally every day and have never had a problem. That said, you need to keep the sensors and camera area clean for proper operation. If you need service you can go to any Chevy "Volt Certified" dealership. If you go to the Chevy website, it lists the dealers in your area, and it will show you whether or not they are certified. In my area all are, but it's still wise to check prior.
I use ACC every day. It is a rather large learning curve to use it in city traffic. I also drive in 'L' exclusively. For me, ACC seems to brake more smoothly in 'L'.
Those are lots of good hints, however I would never use it (and haven't) off the highway. I see more downsides than benefits in that scenario.

I would add:
9. The individual is always responsible for control of the vehicle. (Don't lose your life or endanger others, like the SEAL with the Model S.)
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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